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Dr. Carolyn Jacob, Dermatologist 

"I recommend Sole Goddess to my patients for its unique combination of ingredients that actually stop blisters and calluses before they start."

Scott Starbuck, Owner of City Soles

"Sole Goddess’s amazing line of foot care products have become quite successful at our shoe store as well as our Dotcom."



Dr. Bryan Hersh, Center for Podiatric Medicine

"Sole Goddess has been a great product for my patients.

It's beneficial for my runners, dancers, athletes and professionals
from all walks of life. I highly recommend it."

Victoria Beckham, Model & Fashion Designer

 Victoria told US Weekly that the beeswax in Sole Goddess' stick protects her sandal-clad heels.



Jessica Krupka, Bride

"Thanks to Sole Goddess, I was comfortable in my shoes throughout my wedding day!"

Stephanie Mansour, Personal Trainer

"I recommend Sole Goddess to all of my personal training clients who are runners, as it saves their feet!"


Kaylee Rasmussen, Dance Instructor, Arthur Murray Dance Studio

"I use Sole Goddess for my dance competitions and recommend it to my students."

Sole Goddess is the preferred provider of the Joffrey Ballet.