Walking down the aisle
feels so good

As a bride planning your wedding day down to every last detail,
you deserve to wear the shoes you want AND feel good in them.

Sole Goddess foot balm glides on skin to create a no-mess invisible barrier that protects feet from blisters caused by all styles of shoes. You'll feel immediately more comfortable in your shoes from the start of your day all the way to the last dance.

Now, you can wear any pair of heels you want on your wedding day and know you’ll be comfortable. 

Cheers to planning a perfect wedding –
without a glitch, callus or blister! 

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Bridesmaid and Shower Gifts

Sole Goddess is the perfect gift for your bridal party. This something blue gift will allow your bridal party to enjoy the wedding, so their heels feel better than barefoot!

Keep Sole Goddess in the emergency kit in the powder room too! 


“Thanks to Sole Goddess, I was comfortable in my shoes throughout my wedding day!”
— Jessica Krupka, Bride