Blister-free, for real

When I first launched Sole Goddess I was elated at the number of women who said, "I need that!"  But, often a common question would follow, "Does it work?'  At first, I was concerned by this skepticism.  But then I thought, every time I consider buying a new skincare product that claims to tighten pores, fade dark spots or smooth wrinkles, I ask the same thing.  Of course, these women need to know why Sole Goddess will work!

Sole Goddess is the ONLY blister prevention foot balm specifically developed for fashion shoes that is as strong as a sports stick.  Our unique combination of ingredients shields your skin from your most uncomfortable shoes.  

So, when women ask if Sole Goddess works, I say, "Try it!"  We are proud to say with our open return policy, we have never received a return.  Thanks, ladies, for trying Sole Goddess and sending the proof in no returns!


Posted on November 11, 2014 .