FutureDerm Reviews Sole Goddess Balm

Problem: Women LOVE shoes but some shoes don’t love us back!  

With summer approaching we will all be showing off our bare feet a lot more. So how do we keep our tootsies looking great whether in strappy sandals or 5-inch heels? Answer: A fantastic new product called Sole Goddess - Blister Protection Foot Balm.

Not only is it amazingly effective, you’ll also love the packaging – it looks & works like a tube of lipstick and at .3 oz it travels easily. Here’s the amazing part: It’s not messy or greasy (and it smells great!) and will not stain your shoes. Sole Goddess creates an invisible barrier between your skin and your shoes and was created in an R&D process spanning one and a half years.  

Product creator & image consultant Danielle Lutz said “our company worked with three of the top labs in the country. The R&D process was completed only after we developed a formula that allowed women to walk 10 hours without a blister”.

How It Works

Inspired by sports sticks that marathon runners have used for years to prevent chafing, Sole Goddess is a proprietary formula of the finest healing ingredients (and no parabens) including allantoin, beeswax, aloe vera, and coconut oil that help stop blisters and calluses before they start. The formula is modeled after the leading sports stick “Body Glide” that marathon runners have used religiously since 1996 to prevent blisters and chafing on long-distance runs. But, Sole Goddess’ formula was tweaked to offer a finer consistency that would not affect the fabric or material of your shoes.

No “Break-In” Process

Forget about the “break-in” process next time you purchase a new pair of shoes because Sole Goddess will decrease the friction that is chafing the skin – friction caused by shoe straps, sling backs, peep toes, flip flops, even boots and sports shoes. So you’re probably wondering what it costs? It’s very affordable and easy to come by either online or in select stores.

So yes, go ahead and buy those gorgeous new shoes ... they won’t hurt after all!

Posted on May 19, 2012 .