Dermstore Buyer Jenny Mohler Tests Sole Goddess


Swim. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. That’s basically what my athletic career has consisted of for as long as I can remember. The perils of ballerina bunions, water polo scratches, or cross country blisters were just never an issue for me. For the most part my athletic career has left me relatively unscathed of any unsightly or uncomfortable ailments especially for my feet, which really benefitted from the hours soaking in the chlorine and pushing off rough, cemented walls (who doesn’t love a work out and pedicure in one?!).

About 4 months ago I started training for my first half marathon (I am your quintessential ‘if I can run 3 miles in under 30 minutes I’m good,’ runner). So, as you can probably imagine, this was quite a feat for me. While training for this massive undertaking, I learned a few things along the road (pun intended). One in particular: if you have a foot fetish, don’t become a runner. I won’t go into graphic details, but I will say I have been quite fascinated by the newly blackened toe nail that has decided to live on my left foot and the number of raw blisters I’ve experienced through the months (okay sorry, I went there).

So what’s a girl to do when her feet have been through World War III and it’s not QUITE boot season in LA? The answer literally fell into my hands at the perfect time: SOLE GODDESS! The lovely Danielle Lutz of Sole Goddess Blister Protection Balm visited our DermStore offices the week before my highly anticipated half marathon and handed me a little product sent down from heaven.  I slicked that balm right on prior to the race and it flawlessly protected my feet from 13 miles of cement pounding. Needless to say I am now a devout believer in the magical powers of Sole Goddess and I’ll be a LOT less horrified when it comes time for my much-needed pedicure after work tonight.