Sole Goddess is now at Nordstrom


Today is a big day.  A big day for every woman who says “I love your shoes!  Are they comfortable?”  If you’re like me, you started getting blisters in your baby booties.  And unless you are willing to give up all the pretty platforms, patent leathers and strappy espadrilles, I’m sure you’d agree that something must be done to make these shoes more comfortable!


As a personal stylist, Nordstrom has always been a favorite for the best fashion and customer experience. From the moment I dreamt up the idea of a foot balm that would allow us to walk miles without blisters, I knew Nordstrom would be a place our customers would expect to find it.  


Today marks a new way to buy new shoes.  So go out and hit Nordstrom-- where we can get our shoes and wear them too.

Posted on May 29, 2012 .