Handmade Cowboy Boots

While in Austin for New Years, my husband I had a mission in mind-- Cowboy Boots!  We were impressed by Allen's Boots and obsessed with Heritage Boots-- both on South Congress.


I fell tipsy over the black calfskin cowgirl boots with rainbow stitching.  For him-- the shark, which they say is virtually indestructible.  If only they made pumps!

The girls at the store taught me how to use my boot straps and all about the proper fit.  While relatively comfortable, I still needed Sole Goddess to prevent blisters from the boots rubbing up against my heels.

Can't wait to show off my boots!

Posted on January 21, 2015 .

Blister-free, for real

When I first launched Sole Goddess I was elated at the number of women who said, "I need that!"  But, often a common question would follow, "Does it work?'  At first, I was concerned by this skepticism.  But then I thought, every time I consider buying a new skincare product that claims to tighten pores, fade dark spots or smooth wrinkles, I ask the same thing.  Of course, these women need to know why Sole Goddess will work!

Sole Goddess is the ONLY blister prevention foot balm specifically developed for fashion shoes that is as strong as a sports stick.  Our unique combination of ingredients shields your skin from your most uncomfortable shoes.  

So, when women ask if Sole Goddess works, I say, "Try it!"  We are proud to say with our open return policy, we have never received a return.  Thanks, ladies, for trying Sole Goddess and sending the proof in no returns!


Posted on November 11, 2014 .

Sole Goddess and my Isabel Marant Boots

I love my Isable Marant boots I picked up in Le Marais in Paris.  They look great with a silk blouse tucked into rolled up jeans or just as cute with flowy skirts.  As long as I apply Sole Goddess to the back of my heels these boots are as comfortable as they get!

Posted on November 7, 2014 .

Get Your Pink On!

During the month of October, Sole Goddess will donate 30% of all Sole Goddess Pink proceeds to The National Breast Cancer Foundation-- That's $3 of every $10 sold!  So, do yourself some good by buying Sole Goddess Pink, and join the fight against breast cancer.  

Posted on October 7, 2014 .

Ready? Get the SET...Go!

Two is always better than one. That's why we offer you double the coverage options when it comes to protecting your feet from blisters, redness and chafing caused by new or uncomfortable shoes.

In addition to Sole Goddess Blister Protection Foot Balm BLUE (.3 oz.) and PINK (.07 oz.) products being sold separately, they are also available as a set!  Bonus: the proceeds of sales from PINK benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation, while providing you with a more compact alternative for easy toting.

Why buy the set? 

  • One for you, one for a friend
  • One for your daytime purse, one for your evening clutch
  • One for home, one to keep at the office
  • One for each of your carry-on options while traveling
  • The possibilities are endless!

Posted on June 16, 2014 .

Handle Pregnancy Like a Goddess

Summer heat is bad enough to deal with, but expectant mothers have double the dose of swelling. "Pregnancy feet" or the swelling of the feet due to fluid retention and/or weight gain while pregnant, tends to be worse in the summer months when heat and humidity naturally cause feet to retain even more fluids. 

Moms-To-Be: First, find a pair of shoes that are comfortable for you, even if they are a size or two bigger than your normal shoe size. Then, before every attempt at getting into them, pamper your sensitive footsies with a soothing dose of luxury by applying Sole Goddess Blister Protection Foot Balm onto bare feet to avoid indentation marks, chafing, redness and blisters. Because, aren't your feet going through enough right now?

  A pregnant Gwen Stefani is expecting her third child this year. We bet some Sole Goddess under those stilettos would work wonders!

A pregnant Gwen Stefani is expecting her third child this year. We bet some Sole Goddess under those stilettos would work wonders!

Posted on June 10, 2014 .

Wedding Statement Shoes

It's June! This means we are in full on wedding season mode! One of the hottest trends for weddings this year are statement shoes - not just bright or unconventional colors and shapes, but custom-made heels that say something personally about the bride and her interests. 

We absolutely love these shoes made for ABC 7's Good Morning America weather anchor and Chicago girl at heart, Ginger Zee.

Brides be sure to cover your feet with Sole Goddess .  Now, you'll have comfortable wedding shoes that won't cause foot blisters! 


 Shoes by Design Your Pedestal

Shoes by Design Your Pedestal

Posted on June 3, 2014 .

The ULTA-Mate Combination for Sandal-Ready Feet

Like your face, your feet are slowly emerging from a harsh, frigid winter where they were ignored, cooped up and took a beating with extreme temperature fluctuations. Now, to look and feel amazing again, don't you think you should pay them the same attention as you would your face? 

We all know that the Clarisonic buffer leaves our face glowing, but did you know they make one specifically for feet? The Calrisonic Pedi, available at ULTA, promises to buff out those calluses and exfoliate your dried, crackly skin, leaving your feet smooth and sandal-ready.

But before you slip on those newly-bought wedges or strappy sandals, be sure to apply Sole Goddess Blister Protection Foot Balm to prevent any further discomfort to your footsies and walk with confidence into summer.


Posted on May 21, 2014 .

Hollywood Tape for Shoes

Hollywood Tape is the magical wardrobe invention that allows celebrities, rock stars and glam girls like you, keep "the girls" in their place no matter how open, low cut or cut-out your outfit may be. This miracle double-sided tape allows for the perfect solution to avoid a possible major wardrobe malfunction.

Sole Goddess blister protection foot balm does the same for your shoes; it allows you to stay put in your shoes (no matter how high or strappy) without the pain and discomfort that can lead to blisters - a whole other kind of wardrobe malfunction. Just glide it on under shoe buckles, straps or points of possible redness or chafing, and let Sole Goddess let you keep you looking and feeling confident in your shoes.

Posted on May 12, 2014 .

BEHOLD Your Dream Wedding Shoes in Comfort

As with any other heels, don't slip into those gorgeous, vintage-style BHLDN wedding shoes without applying Sole Goddess Blister Protection Foot Balm first. This luxe beauty balm will keep you feeling confident and pain-free in your heels from your I DOs to dancing the night away! Behold the power of Sole Goddess.

 Badgley Mischka Joyau d'Orsay heels available at BHLDN

Badgley Mischka Joyau d'Orsay heels available at BHLDN

Posted on May 9, 2014 .

Insoles Don't Cut it for Mules

 Picture courtesy of Elle.com 

Picture courtesy of Elle.com 

Like them or not, mules are one of this spring's hottest shoe trends. While all that extra coverage may hide any insoles you might need for a better fit, it also means that your feet will be much more susceptible to rubbing, chafing and blistering if you're wearing mules in warm weather - and insoles don't help with that. 

What does help is Sole Goddess Blister Protection Foot Balm. This invisible balm acts like a barrier between your feet and all of that extra material mules require, so you can rock this springtime trend in confidence. Wear your shoes - don't let them wear you!

Posted on May 6, 2014 .